Willie Mays Forgeries On Counterfeit 1996 1997 Topps Commemorative Autograph Cards Flood Market

Immediately below is a link to my blog titled "Willie Mays Forgeries On Topps 2003 Legends Autograph Cards Flood Market."


Now I have observed forged/counterfeit Willie Mays "1996/1997 Topps Commemorative" autograph cards listed and sold on Ebay.

These obvious forgeries and counterfeit cards originate from the same source as the forged/counterfeit "Derek Jeter 1995 Upper Deck" autograph cards; the forged/counterfeit Sandy Koufax "2000 SP Authentic" autograph cards and the forged/counterfeit Willie Mays "2003 Topps Legends" autograph cards.

These are the first ones I observed.

This one is freaking horrid.  Looks like it was penned by a 3 year old.

Note the confirmation of these cards being counterfeit is the word "Autograph" in "Autograph Issue."  The letters should not be touching each other.

Here's another one.  Poorly executed forgery and confirmed counterfeit card.

Sold by Ebay seller Daniecarchi-0.

More examples.

Below are screenshots showing all of the forged/counterfeit Willie Mays "1996-1997 Topps" autograph cards sold by Ebay seller Daniecarchi-0.

You can click your mouse on each image to get a closer view.

Here is another forged/counterfeit Willie Mays "1996-97 Topps" autograph card.

This one is listed by Ebay seller RMG-1977.

As you can observe the forgery is obvious.

And it's obviously counterfeit.

This one was sold by Ebay seller Ham406.

As you can observe, it is an obvious forgery.

Counterfeit card.

This one was sold by Ebay seller Cardboardlegendsonline (who has has listed five forged/counterfeit Willie Mays "2003 Topps Legends" cards) for $150.00 (Best Offer accepted).

As you can clearly observe it is a forgery and the card is counterfeit.

Counterfeit card.

Another one from the same seller.

This one was sold by Ebay seller Hlavac19 for $110.19.

This one was sold by Ebay seller Wholesaleblowout-8 for $82.11.

Again, a poorly executed forgery by a amateur forger and counterfeit card.

I will be posting further threads on Ebay sellers that list and sell these.

I have also sent Topps the links to the ones both listed and sold on Ebay.

This fraud must stop.

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All of the 2001 Fleer Genuine Willie Mays Names of the Game Autographs are forgeries. Seller has been spitting them out for $400-$455 each. Those cards were sold unsigned in the Robert Edwards auction. 102 cards total, none were signed. https://robertedwardauctions.com/auction/2010/spring/966/unissued-w...

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Thank you for that comment, Ike.

I was not aware of these forgeries.



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