I purchased 2 items from one being a signed poster of Rebel without a Cause by James Dean claiming to be an original 1950's German poster when it arrived it was nothing like the one depicted, and very much English, the other being a signed photo of Princess Diana. I took both to Paul Fraser of Paul Frasers Collectibles and formerly Frasers Auctions he confirmed that after a thorough inspection they are both forgeries so I contacted neautograph to report my findings and to request a refund as they boast a lifetime money back guarantee. After a few days they replied stating they would issue a full refund but that was 2 months ago and they are now ignoring my emails. I have informed the FBI via their website.

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Sandie....thanks for the info....lots of people selling forgeries. You don't know whow to trust anymore.
Nothing they sell is genuine. They're autographs only Christopher Morales could love.
They promised to issue a full refund 2 months ago and now they ignore all emails Mike!
I fully intend to carry this through Brian, the disadvantage I have is being based in the UK
blog here! did you pay for the item? If you paid by credit card I would contact them and see if they can do a charge back. Also if you used a postal money order you may want to contact the postmaster at your post office. It was many years ago but I made a purchase that was very deceiving. They nailed this guy for mail fraud. Since then I purchase everything with a postal money order if I don't do a credit cards.
It was paid via Paypal David, I contacted them but they are saying it is outside of their timezone for a charge back!!
If the PayPal was connected to your bank or a credit card I would check with them.
Hello Sandie.

I had this problem with Paypal and a brittish seller. Paypal didn't want to do anything. They closed my comliance case within 24 hours, but I was able to get my money back since I used my credit cart through Paypal.
So when I contacted my credit card company, they were able to get my money back. But it took 5 months before they got the money back to me. So time is critical.

I wish you the best of luck and let me know if there is anything I can help you with!

Hello Bjarne

I think it was part Paypal balance and the rest from my debit card but I will certainly have a bash in that direction, I will keep you updated.
Hi Mike

Did you get any refund from them ? I have reported them to 2 powers that be but thet still havent done anything about it!
Yeah it must have cost them a fortune for that ad, all paid for out of ripping people off!

Thanks for the input Mike

Yes their stuff is terrible, but they are getting away with selling all the forgeries because none of the bureaux will do anything!



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