I ran across this site while doing some research

I have no experience with them, but the site seems to be doing a reasonable amount of business

Are they considered a "safe", "reputable" dealer? Any thoughts or experiences to share

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Bernie the signatures I'm vey familiar with are 100% fake, I think the giveaway are the very low prices for premium opinion


I was approaching that conclusion, maybe not on everything, but on what I saw.  Prices are a strong clue. I did not want to make snap judgments, (and still do not)

Thanks for the feedback

I would avoid like the plague. 

Fake after fake being sold by Rare and Signed

Thanks to all who replied. Seems like a strong consensus

So my follow up question: given that I am relatively new and do not have the experience or battle scars which others have, is there a way to keep a "usually safe" vs "buyer enter @ your own risk"  list for these online suppliers?  Not really trying to get eBay sellers, though some would definitely make it, more interested in areas outside of ebay where a nice web site page might create false sense of security.

Not sure if there are legal ramifications, I suspect motivated lawyers would sue themselves if there were $$$ to be made. Not my point, just looking for a more centralized approach to quick look/vet some of the online (legitimate and otherwise) providers

Hope this does not stir up a hornet's nest

Its not easy, its like looking for somebody in this world who you can trust. Always post anything here if interested in buying. You can use the search here for specific sellers or even google them to see if there is anything on them. Hang here and read,read,read.

Just FYI, rareandsignedcom used to be known as cheviotsbooks (and before that, the bargain king) all run by Jason Cullen in the Leeds area of the UK.  From around 1999 until 2005 he/they sold thousands (that is not an exaggeration) of fake JK Rowling signatures in later impressions (i.e cheap copies) of Harry Potter books.  Most of these sold on eBay between around $50 and $200 a copy.  He also sold a small number of genuine signed books which added legitimacy to his activities.

Many, many HP fans who think they have a book signed by JK Rowling (and possibly an investment for a rainy day) are actually in possession of a Cullen fake.  Sadly, these appear regularly in some of the less reputable online auctions and are passed to new owners.

Cullen has also been involved in making/selling forgeries of Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney and many other big ticket signatures.

He is the No1 scourge of the world of autograph collecting!

Do you have examples of his work, so collectors can learn to recognize it?

Certainly.  Give me a few days to gather and post them.

OK, here are some initial examples of FAKE JK Rowling signatures in Harry Potter books, as sold in 2003-4 by Jason Cullen aka Rareandsignedcom aka Cheviotsbooks aka The Bargain King.

These are five out of thousands that he/they sold in a 6-7 year period on eBay.  There are some quite distinct differences between these and the real thing, notably in the overall proportions, the sizes of the loops, the construction of the 'J' and the 'o' in Rowling.  Cullen could never get the 'o' quite right so it would often overlap the Bloomsbury dog logo, as a way to partially obscure it.

I may make a separate post (or start a new thread) of guaranteed genuine JK Rowling signatures, if there is any interest.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Ballroom may have some McCartney examples from rareandsigned.

The Beatles items are just awfull!  RareandSigned



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