I'm just  curious if anyone has any experience with how long to expect before receiving an autograph from Mark Hamill? I sent an email autograph request 4/9/18. That same day I received an email confirmation saying that they were behind in signing because of high volume of requests and asking me to be patient. I just wanted to get an idea of how long an autograph from him usually takes before it is sent out? 

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I imagine you will get a preprint in about 2 years

agreed with Dan, it'll most likely be a preprint if it does turn up

The person who I emailed originally told me that Mark would actually hand sign it and that it wouldn't be a preprint or autopen. You say 2 years well if that's the case I should get it sometime before the end of the year

I thought Hamill stopped signing about a year ago. I'd be shocked if he is still doing fan mail.

This is a copy of the email i received 4/9/18

Dear Ryan,

   I have addressed the envelop but Mark may not have time to get to the fan mail for a few weeks. Also please don’t give out the information about where you contacted him and that you heard back. We are so behind that I can’t do too many more requests for autographs before they will have to go to a service and then they won’t be personalized. Thanks for your help.


Lol, I hope this isn’t the pep talk. 

Just FYI Marilou is is wife so I think you can trust the email. Even his fanclub at times have had some real ones though not often that he sends a group in and then they distribute what the have and go back to preprints. Just fyi though Marilou does not handle the fanclub so you should be safe.


Ryan, shoot me a pm. 


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