hi! For through the mail autograph sent I’m pretty sure you are supposed to provide your own photo for actors to sign,  right? Is it illegal to just print a photo off of google images? Also is it legal to purchase one  off eBay that’s not signed and you can get it signed? Thanks

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there is no answer...some will say that is a bad thing and others will say its all good

personally l have bought a few photos that were not tagged by the league so that gave it away...its what do you think>?? the player unless really specific will sign anything you put in front of them and ive seen a few people ask for a copy of their own...

I prefer original "Official" copyrighted photographs - to me they have more intrinsic value apart from the signature and will bring more if resold. In my case Hollywood movie stills - originals always preferred. Secondary images made from copy negatives are often overcontrasted, less than sharp and sometimes cropped/enlarged poorly - sometimes printed backwards too.

Me too! Do you know if it is okay to print those out yourself or do you have to buy from eBay or somewhere like that? Thanks!

I buy vintage material so it is already signed - to get new images look for a dealer and learn how to tell originals from copy prints. Here are two examples:

Here is a VERY useful link regarding photographs which is very useful in our context here:

There are numerous people who send their own photo, all you need is a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Howard Stern, Phil Collins, the ABBA members all come to mind.

I collect autographed tennis 8x10s by Grand Slam winners, former and current #1s and players that I generally like. I prefer the photos of them holding a trophy, so I often go to google and search high quality shots and print them. 

Whatever you do, try to make it special :)

It is technically illegal to take a photo from online and print it w/o permission. Some places won't print them. The quality will never be the same as a proper lab photo made from the negative, which is why I pursue those exclusively for vintage stills. For Rock & Roll I stick to licensed promotional photos (from press kits), products (LP, CD, DVD) and so on.

 Thank you! I just have one more question if you don’t mind! is it okay to purchase photos You see online  from sellers on like eBay and Etsy? I assume they have the rights? Thank you sm for all your help!!

Most welcome. NEVER assume anyone has any rights! In what field are you collecting? Bear in mind, most folks don't care about thses things it seems, but I do. Very important to me. My Radiohead Thom Yorke signed photo was taken by Danny Clinch in 1994. It just adds another layer of quality to discuss. If you have a signed vintage still of Bette Davis from All About Eve it can not but help to name the photographer.

I collect actors and actresses a bit ago I ordered some pics and a poster I’m hoping to get signed!!



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