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Has anyone heard of this company? Here's an authentic check endorsement:

Here's what eBay seller pyramid-products is offering as a "3x5 Signature Cut Authentic Autographed Signed Cut w/COA":

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Looks like just another bs coa done on a home printer .looks like he traced over the check using tracing paper .

Yes, total BS, as is the auction description...

This is a Hand Signed Original, authentically signed item.

This is NOT a copy or reprint of any kind

Why Purchase from Us

With over of 26 years of expert experience in the field dealing with Celebrity Memorabilia

When you purchase any of our items you can feel confident you have made the best choice. Our excellent service, shipping and feedback will assure you are making the right choice. With our 30-Day return policy, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied you may return your item for a full refun

Yea yea yea blah blah bla.these freakin jerk offs prey on people that don’t know any better.it sounds so perfect and looks so official to someone that has no clue.

The website on the COA hasn't even been built yet.

Pyramid Autographs, hand-traced collectibles at their worst. 26 years of experience. 

From RR Auction:From pyramid-products/Pyramid Autographs:

Great job ballroom,same crap,these people need to be shut down!

Thanks, Paul. They're doing really well selling this stuff.

Such a shame!


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