Hello to my old friends and hello to all the new people here, how are you all doing? it has been quiet awhile since I’ve been on here; so how’s all the collecting going? I have a few questions please, but I don’t know how to word it exactly so I hope you can understand! okay I know short answer is “depending on the buyer/ depending on the day” so please do not answer that because you are probably saying well you answered your own question than Kris haha okay! So out of curiosity alright for all you The Doors fans and collectors alright or music collectors but I have to use The Doors for this because it’s what I am really enquiring about and interested in only! 1) What is your view on collecting old music adverts from the day when The Doors were physically active with Jim? etc - NONE of these are signed so don’t ask that, 2) I know of site that is a archive for The Doors yes but it’s not much help as I know my information already! 3) so in a collectors point of view- what is worth more? a poster / handbill for the show? or some of these adverts? etc like I’m stuck in a pickle, as I see some these adverts I got can go for $60 to $100 but I wouldn’t pay that now for them unless I really wanted to but I’m not interested! 4) so again- What is your honest view on advert collecting from old newspapers and magazines etc- Is there much value in them? Would you ever collect them? Etc as I have several hundred to thousand from 1966 to now, but I am talking about from The Doors era itself! So what do you think? please and no I will never sell I am just so curious as I don’t know what I will ever do with my collection haha sorry! Thank you!

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