Would appreciate your help with this Wayne Gretzky signed puck! Sorry for the poor quality of the pics...

The seller says that it comes with a COA from Upper Deck. Don´t know if that is what looks like some kind of envelope in the pictures? I have asked for better pics, but no reply yet.

Do you think its good or bad?


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That's the UDA COA, ask if it has a hologram on the back, all UDA Gretzky pucks have a hologram on the back.

Thanks Mike, that´s good to know. I have mailed the seller and asked about the hologram. Hopefully he´ll answer!

Any opinion about the signature itself? At least for my untrained eye it has some similarities with this one:

I'd need a better picture, but it looks OK. 

Thanks again! I will update when/if the seller gives me better pics!

Take care!

Both of the items you have posted are authentic UDA signed pucks.

Thanks Peter!

The seller says that it has not a hologram, as Mike said it should have.

But in his ad he wrote that it is a genuine numbered gamepuck.

Can it still be a genuine UDA puck, even without the hologram? Or must that be attached at the back of the puck? Can that info be in the COA instead?

I have mailed the seller again, but it seems to be an older man who is not the best with computers...

Thanks again for helping!

What does he mean by "numbered" game puck? Maybe he is mistaking the hologram as a numbering for the puck.

I'd just ask for a closeup picture of both the front and the back of that puck. 

I don't really search for Gretzky pucks, but I've never seen a UDA one without a hologram on the back.

That what was I were thinking too, because of the numbers on the hologram...

I'll mail him and ask for those pics! I have already asked what he meant with "genuine numbered gamepuck", because that's exactly what it says on the back of the UDA one I linked to on ebay...

So it seems like it must say the same somewhere on "my" puck too!

I agree with Mike. He probably sees the numbered sticker on the back and doesn't realize it is the hologram you were asking about.

You were right Peter and Mike! The seller didn´t know that the numbered sticker on the back of his puck were the hologram I asked about!

He sent me these pictures:

Now knowing this, would you guys be comfortable buying this one?

The only other possibility is that the puck is in a sealed UD case and they didn't put a sticker on it. I've never heard of this type of presentation, but I guess it is possible. The autograph looks good on the puck, either way.

Maybe that so. It seems to be a Upper Deck displaycase at least...



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