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I do not think it’s authentic but that frame is awesome 

I have to agree with Brandon. Not signed by Madonna. Still would look swell displayed on your wall.

How can I tell? Was looking at the actual times Madonna did a signing for these online. She did sign in the blue marker of these albums. But determining if the sig is a fake... idk

Do you own this?

I will give you what you paid for it and you can still keep the item if anyone of credibility says it's Legit.

This is definitely NOT Madonna, sorry to say

Madonna is not easy unless you have studied her signing patterns closely. She was not a frequent signer especially early in her career. I suggest you google "Madonna autograph" and look at the images. You will begin to see where yours does not match up.

BTW, I live in Cookeville. Not far from where you live. 

this is mine for you to compare. They are very different. I also have never heard of her doing an autograph signing

OH lordy NO NO NO
Madonna was nowhere near the signing of this piece

And I also agree with Brandon about the frame lol

A fair estimate would be 90% of the Madonna autographs you will find for sale are fake.



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