Looks authentic to me, however, is it?

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I would not agree with you. Sorry.

Whereas, this one to me doesn’t look authentic?

I am saying no?

I believe all of these are not genuine.

What are your thoughts on this one ?

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Ricardo, this one is very odd. I would not want to own it.

This one is actually real

i got it myself when she was filming in a street in London .. can’t remember the movie but was the last one she was in

That doesn't shock me, Ricardo. It's very rushed. And, she skipped her reverted "a" I like to see. It's just a signature that does not appeal to me.


Its good for the archives now

Sent Kamran an email on this one. Let's see what he has to say.

even more interesting Joe
I'd like to hear Kamran's opinion as well

pretty rare for a celebrity to sign while filming on the street with secured barracades usually in place

I see filming often here in Vancouver and it's nearly impossible to make contact. 

But I spose it could happen...

I like to hear the story from Ricardo about this personal circumstance

I'm not disputing Ricardo. With that said, it is an odd signature and some in person signatures are difficult to pass TPA services. Kamran has the best set of eyes and hope he chimes in.



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