Hi, Pauline! Fábio, from Brazil here, could I have your opinion about this pic? Thank you!!

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Hello Fabio,

Nice to see you on here. I am from New Zealand. Your signature is what I called Secretarial style H. It's the very last one on my blog, several examples near the bottom of the page:


It's less common but most likely a 20th Century Fox secretary signed these signatures. Rather lavishly. It seems to be the same hand as the examples on the blog, but there are some differences too, (the backwards y) however, just experimentation probably. Sorry to say, it is not Marilyn's own hand-writing.

The photo itself is quite rare. It's similar to a very familiar photo, but a different frame/pose, same photo session and outfit. Quite unusual. In fact, I have never seen exactly this photo before.

Kind Regards

Hi Pauline, thanx for your help! I have several books and photo-bios of Marilyn Monroe and I do not remember seeing this photo either. I will consider a shot in the auction just for the photo itself! Thanx again for the light!



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