What do you guys think?
Could this be legit?

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I should say No to that book. It doesn't look like a genuine Eric Clapton autograph to me. I can show you a real one. But this is a 1990s autograph. And I know that he signes different today. If you are able to get him to sign.

Thanks for your opinion, Bjarne
It looks strange to me, too
I would have to give that a thumbs down too
What about this one?

Is there a Clapton signature study available somewhere?
I find it very confusing to determine if his signatures is genuine or not.

It's secreterial . Also has a signature study on Clapton.
I know the article on autographalerttruth but I don´t think it´s a real study, it´s more a comparison of Clapton signatures.
And considering that article I really don´t think it´s secreterial.
The secreterial signatures look different than the one above.
But I might be wrong on this one :-)
From what I hear that version is signed by Claptons manager. I got a rejection letter on the same autograph from jsa , jsa said it was secreterial. But who knows. Anytime you get a autograph thru the mail that says best wishes be careful cause it can be secreterial.
In that case it really might be secreterial.
But it still think it looks different to the secreterial exemplars on autographalerttruth. May be there are two secreterial versions.
A.B. I sent photos to Clapton's manager at the time (R Forrester) in London.. they came back "signed" but also included 2 4x6's of the exact pic/ autograph as above.. and figured they were laser copied.. I laminated them and use them as drink coasters in the office. Mark
Hey Mark
I recently had the chance to have a closer look at this "signed" pic...and you´re right: It is laser copied.
I think it´s a genuine signature...but unfortunately a copied one.
Clapton's one of the autographs I know well enough to throw my 2-cents in on:

1) The book, no.
2) Bjarne's signed photo looks great to me. You're right, Bjarne, that's 90s. Clapton has rarely signed his last name since around 2000.
3) A.B., not Clapton, but I don't know anything about his secretarials.

I know that my Eric Clapton autograph is good, because it was signed in front of my own eyes. The story behind the autograph is great. I missed Eric at his hotell when he was on his way out shopping. So I found his car outside the biggest store in Stockholm, Sweden.
When he came out from the store, he refused to sign for me. But he said that he was going back to his hotell and that he would sign for me there. When I'm about 200 yards from the hotell I see Eric walk in thru the entrance.
When I get there 1 minute later, he is standing in the lobby waiting for me and when I get up to him he ask me what I would like to have sign. He then signed all my 5 records that I have brought. So it was a great experience. Since then he have get tougher and tougher. So last time I got him was in the late 90s when he still signed a full signature.



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