Recently I decided to try and collect all the principle Star Wars characters after reading my issues of Autograph Magazine that dealt with the subject.  Looking through my autographs I relized I already had a good start.  In my collection was Harrison Ford, Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), and George Lucas.


So I set my sites on the following to kick this into high gear:


1.  David Prowse (Vader)

2.  Peter Mayhew

3.  Ray Park (Darth Maul)

4.  Another Jeremy Bulloch


So I found all their respective websites and simply emailed my request along with whatever payment was needed (usually 25.00) and boom in the mail they go. 


This was last week on Tuesday.  Low and behold tonight in the mail were all the autographs from each of the persons I requested from!  Only a week later!  I could not beliee how fast the arrived!  Two from England, and the others in the states.  I could not believe it!  So wheeee hooooooo Christmas lasted a few more days!




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Will you continue with more Star Wars actors or stop with what you have?



I am going to continue with other principle characters only.  So next on my hit list:


Mark Hamill

Carrie Fisher

Anthony Daniels (C3PO)

Kenny Baker (R2D2)

Billy Dee Williams (Lando)


Just remembered I already have Rick Baker (Creature Effects Artist) too who worked on Star Wars the original, and won an Academy Award for it.  Cool!

I got a chance yesterday to talk to Ray Park for about 10 minutes while getting his autograph for my 2 nephews.  Better kewl guy.  Go luck with getting his signature.



Ray is a class act!
Is James Earl Jones signing on Broadway right now?  Any luck?  I'm going there with my family next week.  I heard they are dark on Sundays and Mondays.
Where/how did you get George Lucas' autograph?

I have met and have an actual picture with George Lucas that he signed the next time I saw him.  It's hanging in my office!

I also have Peter Mayhew, Ray Park, and Jeremy Bulloch.  In fact, I have Jeremy's book personalized to me as well.  I have been a fanatic for Star Wars since well, the same for all of us.  Since we were kids.  Some of us kids were either younger or older than the others, but still.



Heloo everyone,

PLease, i need a help.

Recently i bought a A4 size photo with JAMES EARL JONES - "DARTH VADER" autograph.

The think is it was a bargain - kind of to good to be true.

Please if any of you can tell is it original or simple fake?


I have created a discussion for Star Wars autograph collectors.  Here is the link.

Just picked up two more George Lucas signatures. Classic examples. Also picked up a nice Alec Guinness.
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Here is the other GL
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And Alec
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