We seemed to be doing some Natalie coverage on the Keira study, so I figured why not do a Natalie entry as well.

I will try and put these in order, but the signatures themselves will show you the order Natalie Portman to Natalie Portm to Natalie Port to Natal Port to Natal Pot to Nat Pt to nothing at all. 



Her Charity signing for Roisie during Ep1 press tour & COA




and that has been it for Natalie here in the USA 

I'll toss in this collage image just so you have a piece to see the mix of styles.

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Ahh... the white whale!

I am pleased to contribute 2015 autographs to this study! These were collected this month at 65th Berlinale by Adrian on this forum. He had a nice pic snapped of him holding the Black Swan one near her at the event, which I will post with his permission. Both photos are headed for my collection!

Very nice JXE.  Congratulations on your new acquisitions.

Here are two cool photos related to these 2015 Portman items:

Great score, Adrian!

Very cool.

Very nice additions JXE. Both of these look sharp. I like both but really like the bottom one. I'm jealous.

Here is a link to my Natalie Portman autograph that was signed on a The Diary of Anne Frank theater poster back in 1998.

Looking at these signed this year, the 2009 samples really stick out like a sore thumb don't they?

Just for clarity sake..... she was at an after party and signed these after a few cocktails too many.  

What is her reaction to Star Wars poses? Does she pass them by or does she stop signing altogether?

I believe Pete has a great story about her and SW around the time of Anne Frank. I believe it goes something like she was signing on the way into a building and then on the way out it was all over. Is that right?

Even though she's more likely to sign in Europe, I don't know how likely it is that she'll sign SW. I wonder if she signed the SW shot in that image from Germany. Here's one that was posted on Rebel Scum that was signed at the Thor 2 premiere in Paris. It's the only recent SW shot I've ever seen.

I truly believe that she signed this photo because she did not immediately recognize it as a Star Wars image. I did not ask the guy who got it if the hologram logo was hidden by his hand or anything else, but the image itself without the logo seems like any other studio image.

She entered the hotel at the Star Wars Episode 1 press junket in NYC and signed 3 teaser posters on the way in, later that afternoon she emerged and informed the fans waiting that she would not be signing Star Wars items again, unless it was for charity. Something happened in that building as both Natalie and Liam stopped signing SW items that day. Liam has loosened the rules quite a bit since, but the above photo is the first Star Wars 8x10 I have ever seen signed by her.    

I agree that this is probably how she signed it. She was at the Thor 2 premiere and the color tones and the image looks like it could pass for a still from that film, in my opinion.

You're right about him covering the sticker. Here's the story, as I think it adds a unique perspective on what it's like to get her in person these days:

I bought this pic a while ago thinking... it does not "scream" Star Wars. I thought it could pass for something else... Anyway, I got there pretty late, got to 4th row of the red carpet. I chose a spot where the majority of the people up front were the Black Swan teenage fangirls, not the usual autograph hunters. I admit I thought it would be easier to get past young girls than mature males. I know, it's not very noble but...
Just minutes before getting there, I had cut a piece of A4 sheet to hide the OPX logo.
Natalie came, she did not want to sign, she went to the cameras. A friend of mine did a little interview and overheard the PR guys advising Natalie fans would not be pleased if she didn't sign at all. So she went to us, all smiles, signing for a few and even posing with fans. My friend told me she carefully chose what crowd she'd sign for.



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