Hi everyone,

Just making a short introduction of myself, why I am here now and how I found the website.

My name is Glyn, for a few years now I have been collecting signed posters, musical instruments and other things relevant to my personal interests.

Nothing from my collection is currently for sale, everything I own is personal to myself in some way.

How I found the website was quite a stroke of luck and actually helped me dodge a bullet.

I was looking for a signed Slayer poster when I came across this:

After seeing it, I wanted to verify how legitamite the website itself was and after a google search I found these reviews here:

Also I found this link from this website we're currently using:

To put in short, this website and that review website in the second link saved me money and when I learn how to reply to threads on here, I am going to say a thank you in that thread for helping me dodging a bullet and getting scammed out of my money.

This leads me to why I am here now...

Years ago I bought a signed Harper Voyager hardback copy of Game of Thrones - A Dance with Dragons from Ebay.

Back then, I had not considered the possibility of forged signatures but with time and other experiences regarding money and learning about that forged poster site, I have been wanting to learn how to tell if signatures are fake or if there are companies in the UK that can verify signatures?

I have never had to verify signatures before as all my signed merchandise has come from live shows I have attended, VIP meet and greets and direct from the companies that artists have sold they're signed merchadise from.

It is just this book from Ebay that has me scared being the odd one out.

Any help would be appriciated


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Welcome Glyn to this very informative site, some really helpful guys on this site...which l am sure over a period of time you will discover, as what most fellows members will tell you on this site is education comes with a price... before buying share your item before purchase....and wait for feedback...good luck to you Glyn, again.... Welcome to AML

Thanks for that welcome, wish I knew more about collecting signed items in the past but hey... That recent dodging a bullet with that website selling fake posters and finding this website helped a lot so I can take you at your word as I believe it!



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