4 funny facts about how world celebrities used their autographs

I think that everyone who collection autographs will be interesting to knowing how some celebrities used their autographs. 

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was a super-popular and successful artist, which did not prevent him from loving money dearly. It is rumored that he used his personal checks to sketch drawings to keep people from cashing checks.

Later, when Dali grew old and was no longer able to create works of art, he sat down and wrote his name literally on a thousand sheets of lithography. Later he became them for $ 40 apiece, alone, involuntarily financing a vast industry of fakes of his own paintings, and some of these sheets are still used by pirates when selling DVDs with photographs of "genuine" paintings by the artist. Of course, Dali understood how descendants used his signature, but he received his several thousand dollars.

Pablo Picasso

Picasso, being probably the most famous artist in history, was above the trade of autographs, so he drew a dachshund to pay for food in restaurants.
When the owner of a small cafe, in which Picasso often dined, asked the artist to paint something on a napkin, he replied that he "wanted only to pay the bill, and not buy a restaurant." Well, if your name is something of value, you will probably want to get a little more for it than a few sandwiches. Once in a bistro Picasso drew a dachshund on a tablecloth and slowly destroyed it before leaving, probably because he liked to anger restaurateurs.

Joe DiMadgee

Legend of baseball Joe DiMadgee could earn more money by simply leaving autographs on things than professionally playing baseball, as he was very astute when it came to memorable autographs. He happily signed a ball or a sheet of paper for those who asked for it, but flatly refused to leave a signature on the bits except in special cases.
Thus, the signed Joe Di Magee bits were a rarity, allowing him to earn several hundred dollars on one such signature. There is information that the baseball player paid one of the bits with Paul Simon for a tattoo.

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong will forever be remembered as the first person to step on the moon. Nevertheless, in the 1960s he was a simple cosmonaut and earned not so much money. He did not have enough to ensure his own life in order to support his family in case he died at the launch of the rocket, which he was supposed to fly.
During the month of isolation before the flight, Armstrong and his team left hundreds of signatures on the objects surrounding them, somehow related to space, and then sent these things to their families by mail to inform them about the exact date of their flight - July 16, 1969. If they died at the start, their families could sell these items - death would have turned out to be very exciting, and nothing opens other people's wallets as effectively as a tragedy.

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