Jessie Eisenberg -- the Oscar nominated actor from The Social Network (who was also great in the smaller picture The Squid and the Whale), told a great autograph story the other day on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He's in the new movie 30 Minutes or Less (which is very funny), and it has a number of comedians (Danny McBridge, Aziz, and Nick Swardson).

Well, Eisenberg said that he once sent Swardson a fan letter asking for his autograph and saying how he thought he was one of the funniest comedians around.

I believe he mentioned Swardson being on the show "Make Me Laugh" where contestants got a dollar for each second they didn't laugh.

Swardson sent back a letter saying "Don't stalk and kill me," and signed it.

Must be a thrill to ask somebody for an autograph, and end up filming a movie with them.

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