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Derek Jeter Autographed Forged 1993 Upper Deck Rookie Card

I've been posting Ebay forgeries for almost two decades now, and I am still shocked when I see garbage like the below forged Derek Jeter baseball card with bids.

I've written this hundreds of times and I'll write it again;  Ebay does not filter out forgeries.

It is actually easier to sell forgeries on Ebay than it is authentic autographs, and that's because Ebay is heavily-populated with delusional autograph buyers and impulse buyers.

The forgery industry/business on Ebay grows every year.

Look at the below forged Derek Jeter card.

People are bidding on this garbage.

The seller writes "This autograph was obtained in 1994 while Derek was a minor league player."   Not a chance.   This garbage isn't even close to Derek's 1994-circa autograph.

I hope the winning bidder submits this crap to Beckett, JSA or PSA. 


From a "distance" this may look to be a Derek Jeter 1996-circa autograph autograph.

The above forged Jeter card isn't directed at collectors like myself; it is directed at the delusional and impulse buyer. 

Closer look.

You can observe that this forgery was a bad attempt at tracing, or it was simply penned by a moron forger.  

This was so slowly penned, that it must have taken the forger 30 minutes to pen it.

I have zero sympathy for people who buy crap like this.

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Comment by Doug S on November 23, 2023 at 7:35am

I must have 20 of these cards.  They are brutal to get a good grade.  They are super glossy too.  This one looks like it was printed on matte photo paper or something! Glad to know what a fake looks like too.

Comment by CJCollector on November 24, 2023 at 3:53pm

Thanks for commenting, Doug.   That's a tough card to get a good grade with the chipping.  That forgery is brutal also.

Comment by CJCollector on November 27, 2023 at 5:56pm

$92.00 down the toilet.


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