Ebay Seller Cavslover2399 Sells Forged Derek Jeter Jersey COA Not Steiner Sports

Over the past two years I have posted dozens of threads/blogs on Ebay sellers who list and sell so-called Steiner Sports autographs.

These scam sellers always have some type of hologram on the item but they never have the Steiner Sports COA.

This is a relatively easy scam because Ebay is so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers.

The forgery industry on Ebay is huge, and that is why on any given day, more forgeries are sold on Ebay than authentic autographs.

People have this notion that Ebay protects them by filtering out he forgeries; nothing could be further from the truth.

If anything, and in my opinion, Ebay is an enabler of this crap by doing nothing about it. 

Ebay has profited big-time from the sales of forgeries for the last twenty years.

Let's examine this piece-of-crap forged Derek Jeter jersey sold by Ebay seller Cavslover2399.

Once again, observe that the seller doesn't have the Steiner Sports COA.

Note also, that there is a reason why this garbage only sold for $205.50.

Also observe their listing are all "Private."

True collectors would give this crap a second look.

Here it is.


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Comment by BC on March 25, 2020 at 8:45pm

Pathetic attempt on a cheap jersey.


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