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I've posted thousands of threads/blogs of Ebay sellers of forgeries, etc, etc.

Like many of my fellow members here, I hate forgeries.

Forgeries have caused irreversible damage to our autograph hobby and I will not stop exposing them and the sellers that list and sell them.

A ton of people over the last two decades have asked me "Why do you care, Christopher?"  

First, forgeries dilute the autograph hobby.

People don't realize that real autograph collectors of authentic items who decide that it's time to sell, simply cannot compete with sellers of forgeries.

Here's the problem; the sellers of forgeries are well aware that 80% of the people that purchase autographs have zero knowledge of autographs and they think that anything that comes with a piece of paper (COA) must be authentic and nothing could be further from the truth.

I call those people delusional autograph collectors.

That's why Ebay is a very popular site for sellers of forgeries; and Ebay doesn't care; they don't filter out the forgeries even though those same aforementioned people have this notion that Ebay "would never allow forgeries to be listed on their site."

For Ebay it's only about the money.

Now that I've vented a bit, let's look at two of the ugliest and laughable forgeries listed on Ebay right now.

First, the below is listed by Ebay seller Fosworld.

Let's look at this laughable piece-of-crap.

Who the heck buys crap like this!!!

This garbage looks like it was penned by a dog, and yet not surprisingly, they are bidders on this crap.

Now let's examine the below laughable forged Derek Jeter bat listed by Ebay seller Justw_37.

Ebay seller Justw_37 is a consistent seller of the "Florida" forgeries on Ebay and they have also listed and sold numerous forged/counterfeit cards.

Immediately below are links to previous threads on Ebay seller Justw-37.

Screenshot of some of the forged counterfeit cards sold by Ebay seller Justw_37.

Click your mouse on the below images to get a closer view.

Now check out this crap listed by EBay seller Justw_37.

A forged and laughable forged Derek Jeter bat.

And yes, there are people bidding on this garbage.

Nothing more to write.

The forgery speaks for itself.

There you have it.

Two of the ugliest and most laughable Derek Jeter forgeries on Ebay.

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