Ebay Seller Fursafe55 Lists Forged Counterfeit Sandy Koufax 2000 SP Authentic

First, immediately below are links to previous threads on forged/counterfeit "Sandy Koufax 2000 SP Authentic" cards.




Immediately below is a link to a blog I posted on a forged/counterfeit Derek Jeter "1995 Upper Deck" rookie card.


Do a Google search on the below to check out some of the other forged/counterfeit cards:

Derek Jeter forged counterfeit

Willie Mays forged counterfeit

Bart Starr forged counterfeit

Johnny Unitas forged counterfeit

Kobe Bryant forged counterfeit

Here's a forged/counterfeit Johnny Unitas "2001 Upper Deck Legends" card listed by Ebay seller Fursafe55.

Confirmed counterfeit card and laughable forgery.

Here is yet another forged/counterfeit Sandy Koufax "2000 SP Authentic" card.

This one is listed by Ebay seller Fursafe55.

As usual, this looks like it was penned by a moron.


Obvious counterfeit card.

A few hundred of these have been sold over the years.

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Comment by Christopher Williams on June 22, 2021 at 3:56pm

Someone ended up throwing $185.00 down the toilet for this crap.

Click on the image to get a closer view.

Comment by Christopher Williams on June 22, 2021 at 4:04pm

Ebay seller Fursafe55 is also selling the below laughable forged baseball of Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Robinson and Yaz.  Look at this crap.



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