Ebay Seller lyonhrt7777 Sells Forged/Counterfeit Signed Sandy Koufax 2000 SP Authentic Baseball Card

Immediately below is a link to my "Forged Counterfeit" Derek Jeter "1995 Upper Deck" baseball cards.


Ebay seller Lynhrt7777 has sold nine (9) of the forged/counterfeit Sandy Koufax "2000 SP Authentic" Upper Deck baseball cards in the last two months.

Their most recent sale of one is immediately below.


Below are screenshots of the nine (9) sales during the last few months.

You can click your mouse on each image to get a closer view.

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Terrible fakes, but under the guise of a "pack pulled card," it obviously fools people. 

It sure does, Steve.

I have to give the source of these counterfeit cards credit--They chose to forge counterfeit cards that included the COA on the reverse of the card.

they should have recruited a better forger.



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