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Derek Jeter Forged Counterfeit 1995 Upper Deck Baseball Cards--Where Are These Coming From?

I began noticing these on Ebay approximately six months ago or longer.

Before I continue, below are links to Part 2 and to the Sandy Koufax "2000 SP Authentic" forged/counterfeit cards.



I knew immediately they were forgeries and I have no idea who the source is, but some sellers on Ebay seem to have an infinite supply of these.

Evidently, these are coming out of Northern New Jersey.

I first noticed these from Ebay sellers TNTNorthNJ and Lyonhrt7777.

The reason why the majority of these forgeries look so smooth is because the forger was unable to "enunciate" the signature.

If the forger tried to "enunciate" Derek Jeter's signature, they would have been forced to slow down.

But here's the kicker--not only are they laughable forgeries, the cards are counterfeit.

Look at the below Upper Deck card and look at the "Jeter."

Now look at the raised "R."

And observe the "Derek."  

The letters go up and down, up and down.....


So if anyone owns one of these, and even if you don't know autographs, if your card has the raised "R" you have a counterfeit card with a forged autograph.

I'll be posting the names of the sellers who have been listing and selling these in a follow-up blog.

First a side-by-side comparison.

The one on the left is the authentic Derek Jeter autograph on a original UD card and the one on the right is the forged Jeter on a counterfeit card.

Please click on the below images to get a closer view.

Look at this crap.

Here's another one.  Again, observe the raised "R" in "Jeter" and the laughable forgery.

Look at this crap!!

Laughable forgery and confirmed counterfeit card.

PSA even authenticated one of these forged/counterfeit cards.

Forged Jeter on counterfeit cards.

Observe the "R" on the cards in "Jeter."

Look at this forged Jeter.  Penned by an idiot!!!

Below is one of the forged/counterfeit cards side-side.

The right one shows the raised "R" is "Jeter" confirming it is a counterfeit card.

The forgery is laughable.

Not only are all of these counterfeits, but they are all laughable forgeries.

Check out this.  This is obvious.  Check out the "R" on the card.

This is as obvious as it gets, and the forgery is laughable.

All of them have the UDA "Congratulations....."

More examples of these forged Derek Jeter "1994 Upper Deck" cards.

This is my authentic one.

As a Derek Jeter autograph collector for about 25 years, the above are not Jeter's autograph and they are NOT Jeter's 1994-1995 circa autographs.

I am having two of my friends purchase these cards so I can examine them and identify if they are simply blank masters or if they are reproductions.

Below--The one on the left is authentic and the one on the right is a forgery.

The people buying the forgeries are not purchasing the autograph, they are purchasing the back of the card which reads "Congratulations...."

Sold by one Ebay seller.  You may have to click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.  These are all forgeries.

This is another authentic example.

This is another authentic example.

This is what the buyers are purchasing.

These forged Derek Jeter cards were sold by one seller.

This is another forgery variation.

You can click on the below image to get a closer view.

Now check this out on one of the forged cards.

Check out the "R" in Jeter.

Our member BC discovered this!!!

I first spotted these last year from Ebay seller Tntnorthnj.

This one sold for $176.50 from Ebay seller Tntnorthnj from January 2019.

Again, look at the "R" card.  It is a no-brainer forgery, but look at the "R" on the card.  Same as all of the others with the Derek Jeter forgeries.

Below are screenshots of Ebay "Sold Auctions" of Derek Jeter forgeries on the counterfeit cards.   You can click the image to get a closer look at the images.


Please note that I will be contacting Upper Deck about this tomorrow.

I will have more information on this in the future.

Below is a link to Part 2 of this blog.


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Comment by terrier8HOF on March 10, 2019 at 7:59am

very interesting Chris.  It looks like there are two distinctly different forgery styles?

Comment by CJCollector on March 10, 2019 at 8:24am

Yes.  Maybe more.  

There is one primary forgery style.

This one.

Comment by CJCollector on March 10, 2019 at 9:59am

This one is listed on Ebay right now.

Comment by PFCollector on March 10, 2019 at 2:22pm

i would be interested to see if they are making the cards too. Not impossible obviously but the foil and holograms seem like they would be hard to reproduce without special equiptment ...But I've never forged anything so maybe I'm way off here.

Comment by CJCollector on March 10, 2019 at 2:24pm

PF, with today's technology, anything is possible.

One thing is for sure; these are forgeries.

Comment by PFCollector on March 10, 2019 at 2:29pm

The signatures definitely dont look right. I'm not an expert on Jeter, but just looking at the posted examples its obviously not right.

I'm more curious if they made the actual card, or had some blank ones somehow. How would they get real blank cards, working at the factory maybe? Very interested to see what happens with this. My friend collects cards and has tons of them, lots of decently higher end ones too. Makes me wonder if any of his are fake. 

I guess one thing is always for certain... If something is of value, somebody is most likely making a fake version of it somewhere. 

Comment by CJCollector on March 10, 2019 at 2:31pm

Very true, PF.

Has your friend had any of his cards graded?  If they are fakes, companies like Beckett, PSA, etc, would catch that.

Comment by PFCollector on March 10, 2019 at 2:37pm

He mostly collects graded, especially if it's higher end ones. He tries to get 10s or 9.5s in most his cards... Then also opens a lot of boxes... But I know many of his cards aren't graded that he bought on eBay as well. 

Kind of off topic but I've always wondered about people faking PSA certs and stickers. Ive wondered on my own stuff just noticing variance in stickers and COA. I emailed PSA once but they took literally around 6 months to reply, and weren't much help. Ive also noticed people on eBay selling autographs with just the sticker, no certificate. I know they could be lost, but seems a little odd. Anyway, sorry to get off topic.

Comment by Jason Poulos on March 10, 2019 at 3:08pm

This looks like the same forgery style I brought to light on those Steiner jerseys many years ago on this forum.    Someone in New Jersey was selling TONS of "Steiner" signed jerseys and I thought the signs looked off.  Submitted 3 of them to PSA and they all failed

Comment by BC on March 10, 2019 at 3:47pm

So the cards the definite fakes, which is pretty worrying. More will appear.

Notice the silver lettering, both "R"s are very off. It is all poorly aligned.

Fake card

Real Card


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