Ebay Seller Grehun-24 Sells Forged Autographed Mickey Mantle Baseball

Before I continue, below are links showing hundreds of examples of forged Mickey Mantle baseballs, photos, etc. found on Ebay (the most dangerous place to buy autographs if you're a casual collector or impulse buyer).




It's difficult to believe that it's 2021 and people are still buying crap like this.

Check out yet another forged Mickey Mantle baseball that sold on Ebay; this one was sold by Ebay seller Grehun-24 for $450.00!!!

What a waste of $450.00!!!

I hope the winner of this crap submits it to Beckett, JSA or PSA!!

Ebay seller Grehun-24 writes "Signature was witnessed."

So who "witnessed" the forger penning the below ugly and laughable forgery?

What a waste of a "1992 World Series" baseball.

For the last two decades I have written the same thing over and over again; people assume that Ebay filters out the forgeries; nothing could be further from the truth; if anything, and in my opinion, Ebay encourages the listing of forgeries by doing nothing about it.

The forgery business on Ebay is huge, and with Ebay heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors, impulse buyers and scammers, it is easy to sell forgeries on Ebay.

Look at this crap sold by Ebay seller Grehun-24 for $450.00.


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