Ebay Seller Libertycurio Lists Forged Sandy Koufax Baseball COA NOT Scoreboard

One of the biggest scams during the last ten years on Ebay, is selling using an old/edited/copied Scoreboard COA to list and sell forgeries.

I've posted hundreds of blogs on Ebay sellers using an old/edited/copied Scoreboard COA to list and sell Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter, etc, forgeries.

Check out the below forged Sandy Koufax baseball listed by Ebay seller Libertycurio accompanied with a old/edited/copied Scoreboard COA.

First of all, the forged Sandy Koufax baseball looks like it was penned by a two-year old.

Moronic forger.

Second, this is obviously NOT a Scoreboard product.

One of the primary reasons why the forgery industry is so huge on Ebay is because Ebay is so heavily-populated with delusional autograph autograph collectors and impulse buyers.

Also, Ebay does not care; for Ebay it's only about the money.

I will continue to expose this crap!!!


This is laughable!!!

What a waste of a nice Feeney baseball.

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