Hey From the Kentucky State ! The Blue Grass and What about them WildCats also.  Have a dear friend here that takes care of all my shipping and she is trying to do somthing nice for a friend of hers. The love Blink 182 the Band ! She was wondering is there anyone that may have there address out there ? She is a very nice person and handles this little Automotive/ Sub-Contract Post Office also, if you may have a addy she can try to write to them that would be so Cool !  Thanks God Bless And All have a Great Day ! Steve mills, Ky... Thank You All !!

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Comment by steven foster mills on September 18, 2011 at 11:44am

Wow ! Not  a Fun Guy at all !  That goes to show you not all need to be in the business. What a shame to have good people buy your prodt. And then Steal there Money and Not be ThankFull for what God Has Given you. That to me is not the real deal or need to be. I will pass this on to my friend here and let them know, they may want to look for real Talent else where, and to someone you know are truly gratefull for there Fans !  Your Right a real jerk ! Thanks for the up date ... God bless, Steve,Ky - I will keep my money on them then.... They must not need fans or money ? 


Comment by steven foster mills on September 19, 2011 at 11:04am

Sounds like Blink 182  are not to happy & thanks for the Heads Up.  Yes  i will pass this along to my friend here. What a let down some groups can be,  so Bitter and in to them self.  Not all Bands are about the Money. There are some great groups that love to do what there doing. It helps to pay the bills, what fun is it if it becomes like a job ?  That is so sad when you loose your Passion for what you love to do...... You Know God Gives us all Talent in some Way Shape or Form, it is up to us to use it and not mistreat what is a Free Gift to us. But it does happen and it has happen to even me a few time.But we learn and go on and try to do better down the road. God Bless all those with God Given Talents out there in all you do.... Steve mills, Kentucky .....


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