There’s always lots of controversy when people buy paintings and autographs from convicts. Yet, we know there’s a big market for them in the collectable world.

Occasionally, we see the Hitler painting pop up at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And Charles Manson is still doing crude drawings and signing lots of autographs through the mail from his prison sell in Northern California.

Well you can add another to the list – Jodi Arias. For those that haven’t seen Nancy Grace having a meltdown while talking about her – she’s the 32-year-old woman accused of shooting her boyfriend Travis Alexander in the face and then stabbing him 29 times. Photos of him in the shower right before this were found on her camera, along with photos of his dead body.

It’s not those photos that she’s selling. I’m guessing that’s evidence she doesn’t have access to.

She is creating a variety of drawings and paintings from jail and selling them on eBay. One called “Pisces #2” sold for $810. It was an attractive redhead model. And she’s made over a thousand bucks so far.

She’s turned her attention to the golden age of Hollywood, and you can find her colored drawings of Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra if you search around. She said she’s working on a Lucille Ball.

Now, I say we shouldn’t support somebody that’s a killer (allegedly)…but try telling that to a collector of the macabre. Especially when they think they’re getting a great deal now and that they’ll only increase in value. That’s something I seriously doubt. After all, this case looks like a slam dunk for the prosecution. She’s going to have plenty of years in jail to create more of this “art” and the more there is, the less value will be attached to these pieces.

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Comment by Carl Ryan on February 3, 2013 at 1:36pm

I agree with you Josh. I would give my opinion on the issue, but have gotten into arguments over my opinion on this issue at other forums. Alot of people take it personally when some comment on these type of autographs, even though that is never the intent. But how i see an issue isnt how the next person does. But i will say just as an aside, that despite the high monetary value, you couldnt pay me to have an Adolf Hitler autograph in my collection. 

Comment by Dan Gregory on February 5, 2013 at 10:21pm

I have over the years got many autographs of sports, hollywood and some others who others feel are macabre or weird.

Personally I know there have been many evil people but would still happily have a Hitler, Goebbels or Bundy for my collection.

Serial killers paintings and autographs may not be politically correct, however, they have there place as does the latest Music star.

At present with her trial taking place Jodi Arias will probably sell many more items for big money but as the years pass her value will probably drop 50% in 5 years. She would need to be a Gacy or such like to hold value long term.

Comment by Josh Board on February 6, 2013 at 12:28am

I agree, Dan. The value is going to drop soooo much on those paintings/drawings from her.

Carl, always feel free to express your opinions on this site. Don't worry about hurting feelings, but if you are concerned -- just try to think before wording/posting something, and really try hard to word things in the proper context so you don't sound offensive or upset somebody. For example, I don't care what kind of a collector somebody is -- they can have a thousand Charles Manson and Hitler autographs. They should NOT be upset if you say "what sicko would collect those?" They should surely understand why a person would ask such a question. It's because autograph collecting stems from (and goes back hundreds and hundreds of years) from somebody being a fan or whatever. That kind of makes somebody wonder -- is this person a fan of Hitler or Manson? Instead of sitting back and thinking -- whether or not you're a fan, doesn't have to do with the idea of "collecting" a "signature." I mean, when OJ Simpson killed two people, I wanted him to go to jail for life. But ya know what? I still have his signed 8 x 10. It didn't go into the fire place.



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