Mickey Mantle Forged Business Card Sold For $201.01 COA GAI

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Here's another forged Mickey Mantle business card sold by Ebay seller Heytwohosers.

Ebay seller Heytwohosers writes in their title description "Provenance."

Ebay seller Heytwohosers is full of crap!!!

Ebay seller Heytwohosers has sold other forged Mantle business cards, but in this auction he adds so-called "provenance" to his description which is a bunch of crap, but as you can observe from the final bid price, it convinced a few people that "it had to be authentic."

This once again proves just how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay.  Add a fake story to the description and the delusional autograph collectors on Ebay fall for it hook, line and sinker.

By the way, I have never observed an authentic Mickey Mantle on that business card.

This crap sold for $201.01.  The Ebay seller has sold a few of these.


Here's yet another one on EBay.  This one comes with a worthless COA from Just Rookies.

Here's another forged Mantle.


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