Most Valuable Non-Autograph Ever! Van Gogh Painting Discovered

We all have that autograph we didn’t get and we still think about it. Well, I think it’s safe to say that the one missing signature this guy didn’t have cost him more money than all of our moments combined. You see, he owned a Van Gogh painting, but it wasn’t signed. That meant the Van Gogh museum turned it down. A two year investigation just concluded, and the verdict – it’s real. It’s for sale. And the painting that was just sitting in this guys hot attic, will probably now bring in over $100 million. It’s the first Van Gogh discovered in 85 years. His younger brother Theo had owned it, and sold it in 1901.

Vincent van Gogh died over 120 years ago, and obviously – any piece by the Dutch master is valuable.

The landscape painting is called “Sunset at Montmajour.”

Axel Ruger, a name that sounds more like a rock star than a museum director, works for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. He said “A discovery of this magnitude has never before occurred in the history of the museum.”

Probably safe to say it hasn’t happened in the history of any art museum.

Van Gogh is believed to have completed the large painting in 1888, two years before his death during a period that many art experts consider his most artistic. It was around the same time he produced “Sunflowers.”

That painting sold for $39.9 million in the early ‘90s. This new painting will probably become the highest amount ever paid for a painting.

Van Gogh didn’t always sign his paintings, but because his signature wasn’t on this, it took two years of extensive research. They looked at style, the paint, technique, the depiction, and also van Gogh’s letters to his brother. All of this concluded the provenance in what was originally deemed to be a good fake.

You can view the painting after September 24th if you’re in Amsterdam. And, if you have children that are doing artwork that you just slap on the refrigerator with a magnet – have them sign the pieces. Ya never know!

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