We have all heard of hidden treasures.  Those autographs that are buried in the collection of someone who has lost interest, only to reappear years later in the hands of a very appreciative collector.  We are constantly on the lookout for them.  They are an essential part of the joy of collecting autographs.

There are also treasures that appear right before our eyes.  They have always been there, if we only took a moment to notice.  Companies routinely release autographed editions of books, trading cards and other collectibles.  Many years ago, Master Replicas even released Signature Editions of their lightsabers.  These treasures were never hidden.  They are the unhidden treasures of our hobby.

My collection of Easton Press Signed Editions (top) and Rittenhouse Archives Game of Thrones Autograph Cards (bottom).  Examples of the unhidden treasures of our wonderful hobby.

I have personally added autographed books and trading cards to my autograph collection over the years.  Many collectors prefer to acquire their own autographs in person.  Some collectors enjoy browsing through the inventory of reputable autograph dealers.  Purchasing directly from a company that sells licensed material is a sure way to acquire an autograph that is not only authentic, but is also in very fine condition.  Appearance is everything in the hobby of autograph collecting.

I encourage all autograph collectors to seek out the unhidden treasures of our hobby, and to share their discoveries with the rest of us.  Unless, of course, the discovery is too good to share.  In that case, I encourage them to share their discoveries only with me.

Keep digging!

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Comment by rob kunne on July 20, 2020 at 8:46am

i did post for example the ipa network autographed photo's which i could buy for a low price because many did not hear or know about this company. meanwhile i did find much more about them and mine feeling gets better and better ''why i bought these autographed photo's is because i did recognize the rare full autographs immediately''  and have no doubts about authenticity but it feels better when you know more from the source.

Comment by Mike Shepherd on July 20, 2020 at 1:02pm

Thanks for sharing your unhidden treasure discovery with the rest of us, Rob.  Take care.


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