Hello all autograph collectors and Yankees fans. This is my first blog so I figured I would like to show you guys out there what an authentic Yogi Berra looks like apposed to a fake. As you all know Yogi Berra is still alive and kicking and as always a great autograph to own as a Baseball fan if your a H.O.F auto collector or just a baseball collector alike. Yogi Berra does numerous signings and you can always purchase an authentic Berra from and or send in your item to be signed in private or in person when he does appearances. You can also get authentic Yogi Berra autographs through his museum were he signs items sent in for an nominal fee ranging between I believe $100-$200, steiner sports signings are slightly less. The photo of the forgery (on top with Ted Williams) is selling for $100 currently at auction to purchase out right and bidding is a little bit lower but not by much less. The authentic example is the card I had signed in person (on the bottom) some time ago. Berra's signature has been spot on for some years now and has not changed much as some athletes autographs do in time, but as you can see from the forgery and the authentic example the forger was not even close for obvious reasons that are in plain sight. Also another give away for this piece is the placement of the signature. Most players that sign a large amount of certain images "like yogi does on this one in particular" of Berra and WIlliams at the plate sign in and or close to around the same area all the time, not to mention the size of the auto positioning is almost the same all the time as well. Just a few tips on what most players do on more recognizable images or other images that an athlete signs very often, not to say if it was signed in a different spot it would not be authentic. Another good way to get an authentic Berra is to purchase one of his cards signed through a private company such as Upper Deck etc. for more then likely much less then these prices but make certain it is certified on its back side by the seller to insure your getting an authentic item. Fell free to send comments or ask any questions as I have been collecting specifically "Yankees" autographs from all generations for 20 plus years, and like most of us purchased forged junk in the past as a new collector when I was not educated enough through research and experience to know the difference. Thank you and happy collecting !!! 

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Comment by Steve Zarelli on July 25, 2011 at 12:11pm

I still can't believe anyone would forge Yogi. lol  A very common autograph in good supply.


In the 90s he was at many, many shows in the metro NY area. I met him several times and had him sign a number of items. Plus I sent other items to his museum when his signing fee was like $30.  ;-)

Comment by CEE GEE on July 25, 2011 at 12:18pm
yeah dude...them $30.00 signings are way over....i guess do to his age the number is going up rapidly... but i will also say why would anyone forge a Berra hes only been signing for ever...very true...which is one of the reasons I had to share...that piece is horrific at best
Comment by Mike P on July 25, 2011 at 1:15pm
nice read.  You should see some of the Jeter  crap on eBay due to 3000th hit.  more than 90% are fakes.  Also, I've been seeing sellers in Asia forge the Steiner cert and people are paying as much as a real Steiner certed Jeet.  Its so easy to get scammed nowadays even with good companies like Psa, Jsa, etc.
Comment by CEE GEE on July 25, 2011 at 2:33pm
Thanks for the kind words mike...I plan on doing many more pieces including Dimaggio..Mantle...Williams...Rivera and yet betcha Derek Jeter...the garbage floating around now because of his milestone are everywhere..don't worry I Will posting mega garbage...jeter now is out there more popular then ever..and there all being purchased and there all hideous !!!!!
Comment by CEE GEE on July 25, 2011 at 2:36pm
Good points on the certs as well...its more about the auto it we all know a cert does not mean an auto is had no idea about those fake certs...I got to read more on that subject


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