I've inherited my Grandmother's collection of celebrity autographs and am hoping to get some help identifying some actors and actresses. I think most are from the late 1930s. I've tried reverse image search and didn't find results. I've attached two photos with groups of actors to, hopefully, simplify the process but I can provide individual photos and/or close ups of the autographs if needed. I've numbered them to help with referencing. 

Thanks for any help you can provide! 

Additional info and updated list with names provided in the replies - might help others.

1. Minnie Rayner - British actress in theatre and film. Born just after Civil War.

2. Merle Oberon

3. TBD

4. TBD

5. Leo Norman Maurien Murray Stuart Carrington Walters- Australian "Escapologist"

6. Ivy Tresmand (silent movies, mostly muscials, born in London and possibly died in S. Africa in her 90s)

7. Anna Koustaw ? 
8. Ty something - Hicks

9. TBD
10. Warner Leroy Baxter

11. James Dunn

12. Arthur McLaglen

13. Melvin Douglas

15. Lesley Banks

16. TBD

17. TBD

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Not sure I can help, but I also have many sepia photos from my grandmother, she use to write to Hollywood stars. Some preprints, some stamped, and some really signed. My grandmother wrote on back of each many of their movie/tv credits. I plan to get them out again to offer some more online as it's been a number of years. Also acquired a bunch of DFW local weekly "tv week" guides I think they were called. Moved the Lucille Ball/I Love Lucy covers and other popular ones.

Having the movie/tv credits must help with researching the photos. I recognized a bunch of other ones but the ones in my post aren't familiar. Are you looking to sell them? I'm not quite sure what I'll do with them but wanted to get the info and move the photos into archive safe sleeves to try and protect them. They were in a scrapbook. My grandmother also collected a lot of Tobacco Cards. I've scanned most of them in fairly high resolution in case there's a group that can make use of them and for archiving. Good luck with your collection!

Ya it helps when she wrote their name on back and some credits.  She loved following Hollywood stars I guess.  Hers were in large envelop or boxes maybe, it’s been a while since they’ve been gone.  Stamps, coins... little every everything!

#10 is Warner Leroy Baxter. He won the second Academy Award ever given for best actor. He played Cisco Kid. Number 11 is James Dunn. Another Academy Award winner. He played in the first three Shirley Temple films. Drinking was his downfall. Number 13 is Melvin Douglas . Another Academy Award winner . I'll put together a list and get the rest of them to you in one post. 

Thank you for taking the time to reply and provide additional information - really appreciated! I've updated my post with the info you provided. It's great to have the info as it will help with any additional research I may do - particularly for ones that my Grandmother had autographed. 

5.  Norman MURRAY Walters...Australian "Escapologist"

12.  Arthur McLaglen

15.  Lesley Banks

Thank you for the info - much appreciated! 

2 is Merle Oberon and I know she was nominated for an Academy Award but I don't know if she won. Number 5 the Escape ologist that just wrote Murray. His full name is Leo Norman Maurien Murray Stuart Carrington Walters. It's understandable that he only wrote Murray with a name like that. Was going for one post but I'm going to have to look at a couple of them that I don't know first.

Thank you again for your help! I hope it doesn't take up too much of your time. If I can be of any help, just let me know. Ebay listings were helpful for some but I couldn't make out the autographed names on these ones. 

No problem. I had to research for more than a few months on some of my Grandpa's signatures from WW2 and I got hooked on it. It became a routine with me to go work on my grandpa's autographs from the Hollywood canteen and when I received them after he passed away, I never knew about them and no one in the family knew either so I had zero information to begin my search. After finding names for those 64 autographs, I figured out that I knew quite a bit about the Golden Age of Hollywood where I didn't before. I was to the point of just pulling up a listing of thirties and forties entertainers and just going signature to Signature trying to find a match for the last couple that I had and couldn't place. It's tedious work but loved it for some reason. Anyway, I'll get you some more names I've just been busy and by the way, your relatives had good taste in entertainers and celebrities. The Escape guy Murray? He really was an escape artist and doing that type of thing during the time of Houdini. That's why you couldn't find it in the movies. I'll get back with you soon. Thanks.

I've found that through scanning these autographs and my Grandmother's tobacco card collection, which has a lot of celebs, it felt like I was keeping them alive or potentially passing their image and name down to others - 80-90 years after the cards were released. I also thought, why am I doing this!? :) I've scanned at a high resolution so I figured if I found an online database or collector forum I could pass on those scans as some form of an archive. 

#6 Ivy Tresmand,

she did some silent movies but was mostly Musical type shows. Born in London I believe and died in South Africa in her 90s.



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