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really nice card and authentic signature

I agree.  

Looks fine to me

Of the thousands of Clemente authenticated signatures I've seen, including lots and lots of checks, I've never seen one like this. Crossing of the ts like this. A partial "Roberto". A boomerang baseline. The separations of letters where they are here, or actually aren't. Very odd. Stands out as drastically different than anything I've seen and saved to file. Can't even find one example with even one of many certain features that are part of this. Oh, there's variations in Clementes. A little different here and there, but this having to have been signed between 1963 and 1973? It's definitely one of a kind.

The crossing of t's I noticed right away and I will admit that is atypical but.....i have seen it a few times.   The pen pressure and slant is golden and sizing is correct.   Letter formation as a whole is good.    I feel fine about it honestly

If the top one is authentic, stylistically, it's pre-1963 by a wide margin. The one on the bottom looks good and is definitely post 1962.

Again, the one on the card is drastically different than both. I've never seen a partial Roberto! And can't find one post 1962 exemplar even remotely close to it.

Clemente always exhibited excellent penmanship. As flourished and ornate as any of his sigs were, always complete, legible, and neatly rendered. This 63 Topps card bears writing that is something different than those typical traits.  



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