Apparently these are both in "Pre-Owned" condition and listed on Take a look for yourself. One looks like it was authenticated 8 months after he died, but IDK. If these were donated, were people just hoping to dump these off, real or not, and hope people spend money on them? 

Looking for professional help from those who've studied his autograph, day and night. Look at the "L's" and "J's" specifically. 

P.S- I've added the other autograph in the comments below! Need opinions on BOTH.



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Just think about it. Who would ever donate real autographs from arguably the biggest superstar the world has ever seen to Goodwill? Only a failed forger or a sucker who actually paid money for these and realized his mistake. Be smart, study authentic examples online, and you too can spot a real one (and a fake) from a mile away.

Hey. Thanks for the personal attacks. Had to shine light on more fake examples for these MJ forums as well. Just be glad I asked first instead of purchasing, buddy. Smfh. 

If you think that was a personal attack, you don’t know me very well.

Sorry to hurt your feelings, just inserting a little common sense.

Next time I’ll keep my good advice to myself. 

Geez. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t post here often anymore!

Do not buy

Neither of those Michael Jackson Autographs are real in my opinion, but people have made some absolutely wonderful buys at Goodwill from time to time.

There was no personal attacks. Just helpful advice.


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