Just getting opinions on the authenticity of this ball. It has Kobe and Lebron on there. I took good pictures. Thanks for any feedback. 

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I like it, might be real.

No good IMO

That’s a pretty lazy signature by Kobe and just the initials would be easy to forge. I don’t really have a handle on LeBron. The Chris Paul looks OK, although there are a lot of intricacies in his signature. DWill looks good. Overall, I would lean no on this ball. 

Thanks for the feedback. 

Adding to this, the KB on Kobe is consistent with his rushed in-person signature later in his career.  The initials would be easier to forge, but many of the other signatures would be easier to forge as well with quicker styles, but they were not.  For example the LeBron.  I know his signature very well.  I have bought about 10 un-certified ones in the past 4 years, all have passed JSA.  I believe that LeBron would pass JSA.  I can't speak to the other signatures.  I don't know them well enough.

Thanks for your help Lynn. I took the ball to JSA yesterday and it passed. Just so you know. Good eye. 

Awesome, congrats!  Always nice to have their stamp of approval for long-term value.  For whatever reason, I have always had a good eye on LeBron.  Probably since I have been chasing his autograph in person since he was 15 years old!

I stand corrected. If the LeBron and Kobe are real, I would lean to this ball being genuine. My Kobe isn’t just the initials and that was bothering me until Lynn confirmed that. 

I have a few team signed All-star balls from 09 and 10 with the nba documentation and those are always initials from Kobe and Lebron. Okay. Great feedback. 



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