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Anyone know if this is a legit 2 Pac auto?

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By the way, added to my previous comment. EVERY Polaroid, new or old film, always has a series of numbers on the back part. If it doesn't have it, it has been erased by hand. Those numbers reveal the exact manufacture date for the film. Here you can check how it works.

Also, modern Polaroid film (post-2011) is a little bigger than the 80-90-00s, but you need to have one of those to make the comparison. 

P.S.: My profile pic comes from a modern Polaroid film and you can clearly see that it's way less sensitive and has way less quality compared to the original Polaroid that Eric posted.



Excellent information Juan! Thank you.

Definitely a copy...thanks alot man 

You’re welcome, dude. Hope you’re able to get your money back!

Hi, Joey:

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but this confirms without any other possibilities -if there was any doubt left- that that photograph is a fraud. If you match those numbers on the back of your photograph with the instructions on how to interpret them from the Polaroid website (Click here), it reveals that your photograph comes from a batch of Polaroid film made on the first shift of the 13 of July of the year 2023. Unless Tupac has been resurrected, this is very clarifying.

For an easier interpretation, see:

+1 n0t even a year old.


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