Here's yet another obvious set of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris forgeries on a reproduced Safe At Home poster that recently sold on Ebay with a COA from Stephen Rocchi and his Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) group.

The below Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris set of forgeries was sold by Ebay seller Sportspic4u (a constant seller of forgeries on Ebay) for a whopping $153.30.

Since when does a set of "authentic" Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris "autographs" sell for $153.50?

Answer:  When they are obvious forgeries.

Ebay seller Sportspic4u recently sold another one of these:

Does the winner of the below crap really think they got an authentic set of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris autographs for $153.50.

The only people that buy garbage like this are scammers and delusional autograph collectors.

We've observed dozens upon dozens of this particular item   All signed within the past year.

We see this crap every day on Ebay always being listed and sold by the same Ebay sellers:

Ebay seller Pan4life14

Ebay seller Sportspic4u

Ebay seller Sportsology2016

Ebay seller Jessmk12

Ebay seller Cynlyn75

Ebay seller Highendbottomdollar

Here are those laughable set of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris forgeries sold by Ebay seller Sportspic4u for $153.50.

We have seen these same set of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris laughable forgeries sold by the dozens on Ebay during the last two years.

Stephen Rocchi must be real proud of himself.

In an ESPN article "Rocchi said he's proud of the low cost that is being delivered to the consumer, saying this is the way it's supposed to be.

Okay, Rocchi.

I have observed dozens of these "Safe At Home" posters with "Mantle" and "Maris" on them with certs from GFA/Rocchi, and every one of them is a laughable, piece of crap set of forgeries.

We have yet to observe one authentic autograph with a COA from GFA attached to it.

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so Rocchi is proud of the fact that his ugly sticker on an item automatically devalues it?  I wish we had a reference point, but I have yet to see that sticker on an authentic item.

According to that ESPN article, Rocchi charges $25.00 for his Forensic Examination.

Of course, all it takes is once second to determine that these are crap.

Rocchi could Forensically Examine dog crap and come up with the same result.

but where would he put the sticker?

Rocchi would find a place for it.

Those Mantle/Maris pathetically-penned forgeries "authenticated" by Rocchi are an embarrassment to the forgers of the world.

I wonder who the moron is that pens this crap. 



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