Any Ronald Reagan experts have an opinion on this autograph.  I think it looks good but I’m not an expert.  Looks similar to many 60’s era ones I’ve seen.


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Hi Tyler, 

In my opinion it's genuine. Very nice find!

Is there any information from the seller?

It looks like from your image that it has been encased?



I have posted this previously - and encourage you to take a look at the RR study:

The "on" in "Ronald is a telltale sign and unfortunately in this example it follows the "au" style that Reagan's longtime secretary used. Also has the "open d" that the secretary used as opposed to RR's "closed d". 


I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the Reagan signature for the following reasons. 

As quoted by RR auction there are exceptions to the open/closed 'd'. This I believe is one of them. 

The 'best' is in line with reagan. The secretary always looped the 'Be' in 'best' where as reagan left it open. The example is distinctly open. 

The 'LD' is also very close to a reagan signature. As both the 'ld' are nearly the same height. The secratary was always significantly lower 'L'.

The 'e' in Reagan is slanted/vertical to the left and is consistent with known examples. Where as the secretary is slanted to the right hand side. 

Ronald Reagan signatures are difficult to assess sometimes as known examples do differ from various time periods. 

Does the original poster have any paperwork with this piece?



Attachments: No photo uploads here

I forgot to post the example of the 'e' in Reagan.

Please note the 'e' is consistent with known examples of either slanted to the left or vertical. Where as the secretary is slanted to the right.


Attachments: No photo uploads here


It is slabbed/encased as authentic from PSA/DNA but I know they can make mistakes too.  It is nice to get some other opinions.  Thank you and JJKANDLAK for discussing RR auction regarding Reagan signatures.  I also studied that a lot and you both have good points.  I do think there are a lot of patterns that indicate it is authentic.  The “Best Regards” inscription seems on point and the slant of the e  in Reagan is something he never seemed to change.  Even though the a and d don’t match what you typically see, he did change that pattern in different eras as you mentioned and the l/d are close to the same height which he always did as opposed to secretary.  Thank you for the opinion. 

Definitely real IMO


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