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Hello all,

I got some opinions on another forum on these, but figured there were even more experts over here that I could get opinions from.

Picked up this ball with some other stuff from an acquaintance that I have bought many cards from before. He has a whole storage locker of cards and memorabilia that he is selling through and in my other dealings with him he has never been dishonest. I actually was digging through the locker and found this along with some signed cards, sets, and a binder of IP Cubs autos among another ball I will post in a different thread. I asked him about the balls and at least for the other (1957 Braves) one he said his Grandfather collected autographs and got that one signed. Don't believe he gave me a back story on the 500 club ball. All told, the amount I paid had the value of the balls in mind, but was pretty much covered by the other items so I took a flyer with the balls included. Definitely could be a bogus story, or he may just be ignorant as he has had the locker for years. Either way, I don't imagine I would have trouble getting most or all of my money back if I am fairly confident that they are fake. If we think it may be legit, I would send them to JSA or PSA to be authenticated. I can see some similarities with balls on HA, but am no expert for sure. Thanks for any insights you all can give and why if able from your experience with signed baseballs. I appreciate it!!

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Get your money back.  Period.

common forgery. While all of the signatures are way off, the tell on these 500 HR ball forgeries for people that don't study autos, is the Killebrew.  All you have to do is look at the Killebrew and if it is a mess like this one, you can be sure that the ball if a fake.

Good point, Terrier.  The "Killebrew" is usually uglier than the "Mantle."


Sadly no good....sorry



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