A few more Paul Mccartney sigs to check out please

Not sure if I posted theses or not but please check both signatures thanks in advance 

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I would have to contact the seller again because I had these pics for a while but I remember them being under $500 like $400 range, I guess that’s why they were affordable lol cause they were fakes, hunt continues to find a deal,  hope Im able to find one in my budget one day 

thanks for all the reply’s 

A Macca autograph at $500 or less is a tough assignment. Virtually  impossible on a Beatles album.

Sorry to bother but what would a  signed cd jacket cost? Or photo? It should be less then an album I imagine 


very true Joe.  I recently picked up a 1980's full signature on a Beatles album with Tracks letter for $600.  But I was looking for years.  


This would have been better off if it was posted in the Beatles forum.


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