A question about international shipping from Germany to the USA.

Hi, guys! I hope someone can shed some light on this matter.

This is the 3rd time that has happened to me in the last 2 years. I purchase an autograph on ebay from Germany, they shipped using some tracking and the tracking is stuck in NY and shows "Inbound out of Customs" for weeks and I don't get anything.

The first time it happened I waived it off, it was for a very small amount.

The second time I contacted the buyer, he made me sign some form that I never got it (for insurance purposes I assume) and he sent me a similar autograph which I was happy with. He also showed me a photo of the envelope with postage on it and a receipt from the post office.

Now, it has happened again. It has been stuck on "Inbound out of Customs" for 3 weeks. The seller claims that he printed the postage online using my ebay address but he doesn't have a photo of the envelope or even a receipt with the address he sent it to. I will give it another week or so to arrive and then file a claim.

So, am I being the victim of some sort of scam? In the meantime, I had received a bunch of letters from Germany without any issues, some with tracking, some without. One time I clearly remember that on the tracking it showed "Delivered"

Has anyone encountered similar problems? Thank you in advance and sorry for the long explanation.

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I have known items I have sent from the UK to the US showing as sat in US customs for 3 to 4 weeks but they always do eventually get delivered I dont know how or why they delay them for so long but it happens now and then with no explanation so it could still turn up   


I am located in germany and I always use DHL/Deutsche Post for shipping to US. If you send a package through DHL it is around 30 Euro so mostly and it is tracked and usually very fast (kind a like top priority mail) the cheaper way is to do it as a small parcle with tracking that is 19€ (this is only available online via DHL) my experience is it takes longer but will arrive as well, last time I did ship something to Roger it took over four weeks to arrive that way. For pictures you could use Deutsch Post what basicalls is the same as DHL but is separated as DHL is only doing parcels and no letters. Pictures I could send via letter mail with tracking or signed too. So it mostly depends on how he shipped it and if he used DHL/Deutsche Post or any other carrier. If you can find out I will look into it. Another tip is to use for tracking it is a slow but very good page as you can track any carrier.

Patrick, he claims that he used the Deutsche Post but printed the label online. What strikes me as odd is that he has absolutely no receipt or anything showing where he sent it to. And it doesn't show an address when I track it.

If he used a signfd to option or even if he had the basic insurence he must have a tracking number online or not doesn't matter. That there is no address show is ok as they don't show it due to strict personal date laws. Again if he used deutsche post and did sent it as letter with insurence he must haveca tracking number I did send a lot like this.



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