hey all, has anyone every heard of this company?  I cant find any info on them, and the website doesnt exist anymore.  I asked an ebay seller, and they said they went out of business a few years ago, but they are legit.  

I have attached a certificate of authenticty I have, and the hologram on the item matches as well.  

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This company is dodgy avoid.

Dan Stevenson PSA/DNA

[According to Joe Orlando, PSA/DNA president, Dan Stevenson is unknown to them and has never worked for PSA. --Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager]

Thanks for the reply, Dan.  

The item I have is a Drew Brees mini helmet, but it also has Drew Brees own hologram on it.  Would you still think I should assume the item is a forgery?

According to PSA/DNA, Dan Stevenson does not work for them. Whether his opinions are correct or not on the items he responded to, you can't depend on what he says.

understood, thanks for the heads up, Steve.  

I can get that same exact hologram by the sheet online. They will print anything I want on it. does that now make me certified to authenticate autographs? 

I completely agree, Rock...I have pretty much resigned myself that this is bogus, just curious if anyone has ever heard of "Absolute Authentics" or not 

John if you type in Absolute Authentics in the search box top right you'll see I asked about them in 2011. And I got the same response you got. My friend bought a signed helmet for her husband for Christmas, had AA COA. She took it back and got a refund. I guess no one here has heard of AA. Or if they have they don't want to talk about it. :-)

ah, ok gotcha...thanks, Barry!

Well, I got myself a new paperweight for my office (bought this a few years ago and cant return)

Well you can't have a lot in it so that's good. I guess there's a chance it could be authentic?



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