Looking for opinions on this Aerosmith book.  Signed by five supposedly in 1997 at a Waldenbooks in Arizona.  Copies of Walk This Way signed by the band are not uncommon, but I do worry about the different ink in this one.  Thanks.

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Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Joey Kramer all look very good to me. The JSAs I have show a fuller signature from Brad Whitford, but the B looks good. If they were doing a signing it's logical that he could have signed more rushed when they were signing a lot of copies. From what I've seen, Tom Hamilton is never consistent with his autograph so I don't base authenticity on his sig. 

I feel strongly this book is legit as described.

I feel these are good too.

Thank you for your evaluations; I will go buy it.

Glad if I could help. If you don't mind me asking BGK, what is it about the red ink that made you suspicious?

From my perspective it hurts the item a bit aesthetically, but I'm not seeing how that would raise an authenticity question.

Hey meggs, it raised the possibility that the book was not signed at the same sitting by all five band members.  Other examples from their book tour were all in the same ink.

That makes sense and I can see why it would make you wonder.  FWIW, the Joe Perry looks good to me. I like the flow and and his very distinctive e in Joe looks solid. 

Definitely legit. This looks very similar to the copy I have, mine is signed by all except Joe Perry so my assumption is that he signed this one at a later time hence the different pen. 



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