if anyone has an extra grand laying around that they don't need let me know lol

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ha ha, bargain...

If only it had everyone. 

Would have been interesting if the photo came signed as well.

LOL at these insane prices week after week ! 

There is a worldwide cost of living crisis and they have the audacity to ask $1000.00 for a $100 (if that)  shirt and 4 sigs... what planet are they on? 

It is nice though !!!

Exactly, makes it so obvious there is a mad divide between their world and ours.

I just had to e mail Aerosmiths webstore questioning their reasoning behind the insane price when in December 2020 you could get Steven Tylers Autograph through his supporting Youth Villages Charity for $50.00

Wow I never thought about doing this. I should have emailed the Mazda Headquarters asking them why I had to pay so much for my car when 50 years ago they were much cheaper. The nerve. 

Clearly you are one of customer this is aimed at !!!! 

If you want to pay $1000 for an item worth $200 tops then that's up to you - where as I don't like being taken for a fool !

I can talk cars all day as I own a 1950's VW....  Maybe you should have kept your car from 50 years ago as it would probably be worth more than your New Mazda and probably more reliable too! 

Show me where you can get a 4/5 signed aerosmith item cheaper than $200

ebay - This one Sold for best offer less than £150.... loads more on there too. Whether they are all legit is a different matter!!

One set of 5 Sigs on ebay for £300 or best offer !

Okay yes, you can get a book cheaper. 

signed vinyls are $500 at the shows. 


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