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* Insert signed by the Original band members. Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith *

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Be cool if it was the bill...err a gamble 

That's a nice item but what is that website? Who exactly is the seller?

Its not TSL - they just take the money and run.

If you get a bad product, smeared, smudged or worst of all fake (see Ice T) good luck getting your money back. I speak from experience. 

Talkshop.live have issued refunds for the fake Ice-T signatures, and the second batch of the Ice-T signed vinyl was with authentic autographs.

But, with that said, I do agree that we should be careful with buying autographs with their return policy... although I never had any problems when buying from them.

Here's my signed Ice-T vinyl by the way.

TSL didnt refund my money. They straight up ghosted me - stopped replying to any and all emails.

Any company who sells you something - regardless of the disclaimers and legalese on their website - should make every customer whole. 

They didnt. They did much worse. 


Any time anybody asks about TSL, I am compelled to share this, bc this was my experience. 

It’s $70 online without the autographed insert

Hopefully this gets released at Target too like last time

Is this seller OK guys? I want this one

Should be OK if on AC FB, yeah?

Mine is en route, not too sure about it :/

Wished they had used a different color marker…

Yeah wtf Michael bruce



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