Alice Cooper - Killer 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Autographed Edition)

I'm a bit corn-fused on this listing, I'll let the more experienced members weigh in on this. I'll delete the post if it's shenanigans.

Another autographed Alice Cooper title here also...

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looks like he did a signing at the store, like Halestorm did with Vinyl tap recently. would love to have a signed vinyl but $100 is a bit more than I would pay for it. plus I've ordered from them twice and both times they canceled my order and said it was for in-store only so not my favorite store 

Agreed, it is expensive and they did cancel Dream Canteen on me but that's the only one of the other 5-6 ordered sigs they've canceled on me. Can't find any signed releases anywhere else though. Appreciate the reply Joel. 

no problem, and yeah it was the RHCP they canceled on me and i think the other one was the Ozzy one. i just checked a few of the other indie stores too and didn't see it so it may just be at this store, for now anyway. would be cool if he did another Talkshoplive show

Both showing at this store as well but price is same. Description notes “Each set contains autographed replica album art by the four original surviving members!”

Nice find. Shipping and tax were zero at Zia but who knows if they'll keep it in store only. They did send me a receipt with shipping listed though. Release date shows 6/23. 

€56,95 shipping to Germany. Insane!

Are the signatures printed or handmade?

Took a chance on this one, promo code WELCOME is 20% off at Zia so $80 free shipping seems worth it for Killers set I was gonna order anyway! Thanks for posting!

Me too! Thanks for the heads-up on the code!

Thanks, John. I took a School's Out and used the code. Excellent find. For $88, I'll roll the dice and hope it goes through.

It seems that the Zia Records-webpage can't be accessed from the EU? After clicking the links, I constantly get an error message. Anybody else?

Ordered both School's Out and Killer. A search of the UPC number showed that they are actually signed by all four surviving members of the Alice Cooper band! What a deal, thank you Knob Dylan for sharing!


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