Hey Guys....I collect Ramones autographs and if any of you guys are familiar with their signatures you will prolly get a laugh out of this one....


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Even if you don't know Ramones autographs you can tell they're all signed by the same person. Thanks for posting this link. Save the image and upload it if you want here, since eBay will probably end that auction.

sure, here it is. had to take a photo of it, ebay wouldnt let me save photo for some reason. I emailed the seller just to inform him its prolly fake, he may not even know.

Thank you, Mike! This is a great way to educate collectors.

I agree, to me it stood out like a sore thumb, but if one didn't know any better, they may put an offer in on this garbage....

Doest look anything like the Johnny Ramone i have. Maybe this is a different Ramones.......lol.....not. What a crappy fake.

Those flowery signatures are the punch line.

HA ya well, the real kicker is that Tommy and Johnny are not spelled right haha


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