Amateur Forgeries Peyton/Maris/Brady/etc eBay seller 313jaybird1219

eBay scammer 313jaybird1219 has some horrific home made forgeries for sale. These are morons who scribble on an index card at their home and try to sell it to someone even dumber for profit.

Take a look at this crap listed by eBay seller 313jaybird1219

Just laughable shaky slow forgeries signed last week probably:

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yeaaap!!!!  bunch o crrrrrap.

Oh man, don't start yeaaaping.  Reminds me of Dave Hester on Storage Wars lol

Any time I see a really bad Peyton I can't help but think of this guy.


Ebay seller 313jaybird1219 is a typical Ebay scammer!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate all forgeries, but the ones like this, where the Ahole can just keep signing index cards until he/she decides its "game" material is the lowest of the low.

Oh man, that Maris is dis-gus-ting.

Just fugly.

Here is a Michael Jordan forgery listed by eBay seller 313jaybird1219 who continues to scribble on index cards and try to sell them on eBay for profit:

This guy sure sells a lot of these $25 and $30 Jordans. Incredible how EBAY tolerates these scumbag sellers ripping folks off.

At least it's the dumbest of the dumb buying them.

Ditto on that, Rich.



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