Sorry for all the Elvis Presley autograph posts. Is this one real? Thank you in advance. 

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Not authentic 

And I'm pretty sure this is from a well known German forger with a specific giveaway trait

Sorry to say, but I think also it is not authentic.

Does that ink look like it was put on that card almost SIXTY years ago?? Me thinx NOT!

I THOUGHT that I had the real deal on this one for a sec.. Then I contacted the seller and he started wavering on where it came from...

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To Larry

I've been thinking about this one for a while and have mixed thoughts. 

Some of the writing I'm not comfortable with or the ink pooling. 

Also the story must be researched. Elvis only met Nixon on one occasion back in 1970 and was well publisized. This document is not among any I've seen.

This is the original letter to Nixon and apparently only did one signing I think? 

Great minds think alike my friend... I compared the two as well.. Totally different signatures signed the same day?? The seller backtracking via phone call on WHEN it was supposedly signed, did not know WHO it was signed for or WHERE it was supposedly signed.... 


The seller was recently convicted of selling hot merchandise at his pawn shop! 

I'm usually pretty good with signatures but with Elvis Presley, with the exception of the really bad fake ones, I can't tell the difference between the real signatures and the fake ones.

You're not alone BxBoy

Elvis is very tough 

But the one you posted, I've seen before and picked up on the specific mistake by this particular forger 

On this one it wasnt the signature itself that gave it away.,,, It was thinking how there is no way that the ink on that card was put there 59 years ago.. Too fresh

the guy selling this is a thief. He's on eBay - seller name is howardrobardshughs.

I've given him some grief so he's blocked me.

Contacting eBay about his actions has been useless.

He's in North Carolina.

He sells 2 to 3 fake Elvis a month - he's a real con man.

The kind of guy you'd like to have a chat with face-to-face.


Thanks for that valuable information Joe


I just realize I called you Joe again

Sorry Don


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