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No problem...I've sent them this thread link 

Thanks Ballroom

Thanks, Phil. Here’s another JSA authenticated Hendrix that isn’t authentic in my opinion. I think this one was already sold though.

Yes of course no problem. 
If you need more confirmations for JSA, send me PM Phil and I'll send you my email adress.

Cheers Ivo..they are investigating it now

The pink autograph book is legit, there is a second Michael that was in that book as well - that too was legit.  Someone split the two sigs up to sell it (the other one was fully spelled out).  I thought about buying it multiple times.

(I need to clarify, someone posted an ebay link to a seller with this item).

Here is the 2nd sig which was likely kept or sold separately (def legit)

And here are examples of similar "Mikes" like the one that was sold in the eBay acution - late 70 sigs

Yes Kinship collectibles seem to have a mix of genuine and fake wascher...the Pepsi 88 is definetly fake though..

Hopefully someone's made them aware that its from a well know forger.

Correct I 1000% agree, but we need to be careful calling out items, as we can taint a good piece (and that one was nice, makes me mad they have it)

We have a whole bunch of discussions on the MJ forger already between Lizzie and I (on MJ's only). 

IMO this person is

Tony Bcq (Bocquiau)  who used to be on our forum under the ID Tony, Michjack, Journeytojah,  and the most well known here was Marcello Diaz

Those were ID's I had already removed from the forum (IP's matched each-other) and they would have discussions with each-other confirming pieces being authentic trying to fool the community)  Plus all of the id's listed on the slip Lizzy has posted with the name changes on eBay.

Tony Bcq has fully infiltrated the MJ community and sells his crap all over the place.

I sent his Bowie to Andy and he said good but expensive. Are we talking facsimile?

Looking at his Lauren Bacall. That looks authentic. He has PSA, Beckett and JSA COA. Does he sell a mix of authentic and fake? 

I checked that Bowie and it is indeed fine. 

His Phil Collins looks fine, also. That Michael Jackson 1988 looks good to me, also. I have no idea, though.

The Michael Jackson 88 with JSA loa is by a well known forger who sells his own fakes and has done under many names for years Mike...the dealer Kinship collectibles, I know nothing of, only that they've bought one or two from this fraudster and had them authenticated by JSA. They may well have some genuine items however they are definetly selling these fakes and need to be made aware.The forger is very good and I'm not surprised JSA were duped.Its only because myself, Ivo, Lizzie , yannick and a few others on here have followed him that we know his material. He needs to be stopped now or his items will bring tpa's into disrepute.

I believe he does sell a mixture.  I'm absolutely sure of it, which isn't unusual for forgers.  Makes me mad that this seller has the pink autograph book because his or her owning it now, taints it.  I should have bought it when I had the chance (when it was reasonable as well price wise.  Two-fer with the MJ's in it).  I've watched that autograph book on the market for well over a year. :( (and didn't snag it- duh)

This reminds me of a certain person who did some work for MJ who had a few real MJ's in an auction lately, but everything else he had was absolute shi#.  I am guessing he would have fetched so much more for the legit items he had, had he not surrounded it with the crap he buys from anyone with a story. 


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